Assignment 1/ Due September 15th

Rule Of Thirds: 


(09/09/17, Boston, MA)

Zilin Wang, one of the leaders of Boston University Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association(right), holds the right corner of a Chinese national flag and a balloon on his left hand in BU 2017 Splash at Nickerson Field. He wants to attract more new members to sign up for the club by posing like this.

Photo by Zirui Liu


(09/13/17, Boston, MA)

Wangyu Guo, a sophomore studying Public Relations at Boston University(right), is reading his textbook after having lunch at the George Sherman Union at Boston University. He wants to prepare well for his next day’s discussion.

Photo by Zirui Liu


Lines, Patterns, or Shapes:


(09/12/17, Boston, MA)

The end of a tactile paving on Commonwealth Avenue near West Campus.

Photo by Zirui Liu


(09/13/17, Brookline, MA)

Part of a decorated window of a garage on ST Paul Street.

Photo by Zirui Liu


Negative Space: 


(09/12/17, Brookline, MA)

A street light on ST Marys Street near Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ.

Photo by Zirui Liu


(09/14/17, Boston, MA)

A welcoming banner hangs at the front door of the George Sherman Union at Boston University.

Photo by Zirui Liu


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