About Me

Hi, I am Zirui Liu.

I am from Beijing, a sophomore studying at Boston University now.

On my website, you will see my works, including essays, photos, and videos. Besides, I will also post some works that I took before in different places. Photography is one of my hobbies. Using cameras to take photos and videos is my way to preserve happiness in life.

In my high school, I was the leader of reporters of the TV station, and I took charge of shooting events in school.  I also made two documentaries of Beijing Hutong, hoping to call upon the public to protect the old architecture.

After I came to BU, I joined the Daily Free Press Multimedia section. I joined marches on campus and around Boston area. With my peers, I learned how to edit and shot better videos. I also had more chances to know more about the American society.

In 2017 summer, I went to the United Nations in NYC for an internship. They were having meetings in various fields. I recorded meetings and thoughts from the organizers about gender equality. I knew my capability to change the world to an equal place.

Thus, I want to use my camera to expose social problems and call on people to solve them. I also hope that I can show friends in the U.S. about the true Chinese society and reinforce the relationship between these two nations.


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